24 Injured In a Bus Crash on Interstate 95

  07-10-2012-Queens-Accident-Attorney-News-Blog-Crashed-Tour-Bus-24-InjuredA bus was heading to Chinatown in Queens from Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut when it suddenly hit the center barrier on Interstate 95. The bus then went across multiple lanes until it slid into a halt. The bus driver was flown from the bus which resulted in serious injuries. Twenty three passengers were sent to the hospital to be treated for more minor injuries.

The bus accident is a result of the bus driver driving too fast for the conditions of the road. The roads were wet from rain. This is one of multiple incidents from the bus company Star Tag Inc. The company has received several citations for unsafe driving in only the past couple years. This could mean legal trouble for the company seeing as this incident resulted in an accident that injured many.

Bus accidents happen rather often and several accidents that have happened in New York this year have resulted in death. Anytime a bus accident occurs, many people often end up injured too. Not just the people on the bus, but other drivers on the road.  If you are involved in a bus accident and believe that you should be entitled to compensation, call aBronx accident attorney.