Drunk Teen Kills Two Homeless People Sleeping on Los Angeles Sidewalk

Los Angeles, CA- A 17 year-old girl has been charged with vehicular manslaughter and DUI after she ran over two sleeping homeless people sleeping on a sidewalk early Sunday morning.

Los Angeles police said that Carmen Elena Chavez, 19, was allegedly drunk and speeding when she made a hard right turn in her Mercedes, lost control of her car, jumped a curb, and ran over a homeless couple.


KTLA reported that Chavez drug the unidentified couple 50 feet before stopping. When emergency personnel arrived they had to use the Jaws of Life to free the two victims, who were pronounced dead on the scene.

The LAPD Sgt. Steve Bailey said the car hit the sidewalk, ran into a building, went down the sidewalk and ran over two people sleeping,” adding “Speed is definitely going to be a factor in this one, because from the time they hit the building until the time the car came to rest it covered 50 feet.”

Chavez and several of her passengers spent most of the night partying just before the accident. After the crash, some of her friends fled the scene, but Chavez and the owner of the Mercedes remained on the scene.

Dianne Merritt, a homeless woman who knew the couple told NBC news, “I guess she just had a little too much fun. But they didn’t even try to help. They were going to try to take off,” according to the Daily Mail.

Chavez was arrested for drunk driving and vehicular manslaughter, a charge which could see her facing some serious jail time.

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