Fiery Crash in Queens Kills 5 People, Including Two Children

The accident happened Sunday morning near the Van Wyck Expressway in Queens. It resulted in the fiery death of five people. Two of those five people were young children.

There were eight passengers in the SUV. While three of them survived and have minimal injuries, they are mourning the death of their friends and family. The accident happened as a result of speeding, at least that is what investigators are lead to believe thus far. The SUV was driving at a fast speed when it hit the concrete median and flipped over. The SUV then caught on fire.

Some of the passengers were ejected from the SUV. One of the people ejected survived and was a 26 year old male found sitting near the accident when officials arrived. Among the other survivors were a 7 year old boy and the driver, a 45 year old woman from the Bronx.

Although this accident was a one vehicle accident, there are many accidents such as this one that are caused by another vehicle. If you feel like you have become the victim of a negligent driver, call a Bronx accident attorney to seek compensation for your injuries or property damage.