Man Kills Pedestrian in a Hit and Run Accident then Collides with an Ambulance

07-18-2012-Bronx-Accident-Attorney-Hit-and-Run-Car-Crash-Richard-HabermanSaturday morning, July 14, 2012 was a sad morning many. Richard Haberman 37, ran a red light which resulted in the death of one pedestrian and injury to another.

Haberman decided to keep driving after he had struck the two pedestrians, but was arrested after he ran head on with the ambulance arriving on the scene where he hit the pedestrians.

The two pedestrians were Juan Rivera-Quintana and Ariel Rivera. It was Rivera-Quintana that had died. The other pedestrian suffers very serious internal and external injuries. As for the ambulance driver, he suffered from burns on his arms.

Not only will Haberman face multiple charges, but he will probably have to pay compensation to those injured as well as Rivera-Quintana’s family. As long as those involved in the accident decide to hire accident attorneys, they can seek compensation for medical expenses and funeral costs.

Hit and run accidents and head-on collisions are two common types of motor vehicle accidents. A Bronx accident attorney is experienced in representing both of these tragic accident types. Should you or a loved one become the victim in a motor vehicle accident of this audacity, don’t hesitate to set up a consultation with an accident attorney right away.