New York Woman Awarded $120 Million in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

08-01-2012-Bronx-Personal-Injury-Medical-Malpractice-LawsuitMedical malpractice is unfortunate, but it can happen to anyone. Healthcare professionals are sometimes prone for making mistakes and misdiagnosing patients from time to time and if you ever happen to become the person that is being mistreated and misdiagnosed, you may suffer from more severe health conditions than initially. That is what recently happened to a 45 year old mother living in New York.

The mother of two went into be treated for seizures back in 2004. After a series of hospital visits to different hospitals, she ended up suffering from a deadly skin condition and permanent brain damage. All of these health conditions could have been prevented with proper care.

Considering that all of the hospitals involved were treating her improperly, the woman recently one a lawsuit that awarded her with $120 million. The money was split up between the hospitals that treated her, with a majority of the money having to be paid out by theJacobi Medical Center in the Bronx.

Medical malpractice may be a difficult case to prove, but with the help of an experiencedBronx accident attorney, you will be awarded compensation for your losses.