Personal Injury Suit Moves Forward

When patients schedule a routine surgery, they may feel a slight pang of anxiety that there will be complications, but a quick review of common problems and their causes can give a patient confidence to undergo the procedure. The truth is, unfortunately, that simple surgeries do carry very real risks, especially if a doctor acts negligently.



New York Daily News reports that Stacey Galette is suing a hospital after she received life-threatening injuries during a simple procedure. The 33-year-old woman was at the hospital for a simple gynecological procedure when her surgeon punctured her colon, which led to sepsis. For the next 73 days, Galette went into cardiac arrest three times, underwent a colostomy and had both of her legs amputated below the knee.

The Medical Malpractice Case States That The Doctors Had No Idea They’d Made A Mistake

Initially, her doctors called the surgery a success, and despite her complaints of a fever and severe pain, they told her that it went according to plan. In her personal injury suit, Galette says that the doctors should have been able to detect their mistake. If they had seen the damage that they caused to her colon—or if they had listened to her complaints sooner—she may not have lost her legs.

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Galette’s Attorneys Say That Her Injuries Have Left Her With A Lower Quality Of Life

During those 73 days, Galette suffered unimaginable amounts of pain. Her infection became so severe that she required skin grafts, and she was given enough antibiotics that she suffered hearing loss. Soon after the surgery, her feet were amputated. Then, two months after the surgery, she underwent a second amputation that took both of her legs.

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