Personal-Injury Suits Filed

A commuter train derailed this week in New York, injuring more than 70 people and killing four. The train was only 10 miles away from its destination, Grand Central Station, and was travelling fast enough that all seven passenger cars derailed after the locomotive lost contact with the tracks. At the time of the accident (about 7:20 a.m.), the train was carrying more than 150 people.



Since the accident, investigators found that the cause of the derailment was linked to the actions of the engineer. Specifically, the train was travelling at about 80 mph through a bend that has a speed limit of 30 mph. The engineer told investigators that he felt dizzy, raising concerns over a highway-hypnosis like effect that has plagued train engineers in the past.

The Federal Railroad Association (FRA) has since stepped in and is tightening safety requirements. Metro-North will be retrofitting their trains with an automatic system designed to slow down speeding trains, and, in the meantime, they will have two engineers working on any train that needs to slow more than 20 mph along the route. These safety measures will help future passengers, but those injured in the derailment say that precautions should have been taken sooner.

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At Least Two Passengers Have Made Personal-Injury Claims Against Metro-North

NY Daily News reports that New York police officer Eddie Russell was on his way to work when the train derailed. He was badly injured in the wreck, and he claims that he will be unable to continue working due to the injuries to his knee, wrist and back. At least seven other passengers were taken to nearby hospitals and listed in critical condition.

Russell takes issue with the fact that the curve in the tracks was treacherous and not fixed by Metro-North. Russell also claims that the train company was negligent, because they did not have safety measures in place that could slow the train in the event that an engineer fell asleep.

The Train’s Engineer Has Been Suspended Without Pay As The FRA Investigation Continues

Russell is suing Metro-North for $10 million for the loss in income, the cost of his medical treatment and the psychological trauma the accident caused. Nothing is known about the second claim, and the train company has not commented on either of the lawsuits.

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