Promoter and Owner of Star Boxing Survives Head-On Collision

07-31-2012-Joe-DeGuardia-Bronx-Head-on-CollisionPromoter, owner of Star Boxing, and former amateur boxer, Joe DeGuardia survived a horrific head-on collision last Saturday night. The driver who caused the accident had died according to reporting accident and injury news resources.

DeGuardia was on his way back from celebrating 20 years of owning Star Boxing in Long Island when he was hit head-on by another driver. The lights of the car weren’t on and the driver was in the wrong lane. The driver that caused the accident was only 23 years old. He was also accompanied by a woman who suffered severe injuries and remains in critical condition.

As for DeGuardia, he is in some pain, but is glad to have survived the accident. The Mercedes in which he was driving was completely destroyed and so was the other vehicle.

There hasn’t been any word on why the deceased driver was driving in the wrong lane with his lights off. It is unsure if alcohol had anything to do with the accident.

Being involved in a head-on collision usually always ends up in serious damage to the cars and severe injuries or death. The force of the impact is too strong and in this case, DeGuardia and the other driver’s vehicles were found 150ft away from where they collided. If you are involved in a head-on collision, call a Bronx accident attorney for legal assistance.