Queens Accident Attorney: The Causes of Truck Accidents

03-14-2012-Queens-Accident-Attorney-News-Blog-Commercial-Accidents (1)Truck accidents are rather common, especially compared to other accident types. This is why it should be easy to find a Queens accident attorney that can efficiently handle your case.

One of the reasons that truck accidents are so common is because they can be caused in numerous ways. Some of the causes of truck accidents include:



  1. • Negligence by the driver
  2. • Driver was in a hurry
  3. • The truck was carrying too much
  4. • Mechanical issues
  5. • Influenced by drugs or alcohol
  6. • Traffic accidents
  7. • The driver was lacking sleep


An accident attorney will be able to build your case regardless of the reason for the accident. The cause may make the case a little more difficult to prove or to represent in court but a reputable Queens accident attorney will be able to handle it adequately.
Being compensated for your injuries is very possible, even if the offender’s insurance company won’t cover everything. This is where a Queens accident attorney can really help you with your case. They will not only keep in contact with insurance companies, but they will be sure that the guilty party pays anything that isn’t covered. This will help you pay off all medical expenses and property damages.