Queens, NY Accident News Update: Queensboro Adult Daycare Accident

Last Thursday, after losing control, a van crashed through a fence off of Russell Street in Howard Beach at around 8:50am. The driver crash landed the van on top of a boat docked in Hawtree Basin near 102nd Street. The van was a Queensboro Adult Daycare van that had side swiped a vehicle while heading East on Belt Parkway before losing control.

The owner of the 1986 Wellcraft, Frank Argento, was upset stating “what a way to start the morning, my boat is probably gone. This is a little take in the back”. The police are saying that the van was attempting to flee the scene of an earlier accident when it lost control and crash landed on the boat. The driver was shaken up and hanging from the pier when police responded at 9 a.m. The driver was taken to Jamaica Hospital appearing to have not been intoxicated and so far no charges have been filed although it’s probably safe to say he will need a top of the line Accident Attorney in Queens.

If you have been involved in an accident it is vital to have an Accident Attorney in Queens by your side to protect your rights. Accidents involving commercial vans and boats can be more complicated in court making the necessity of having a Queens Accident Attorneyeven more valuable.