Teenage Boy Dies in Bronx Hit and Run Accident

07-16-2012-Bronx-Hit-and-Run-Accident-David-Ellis (1)A teenage boy was killed on Friday, July 13 after becoming the victim in a hit anrun accident. David Ellis was an 18 year old at Jamaica High School. He was one of the high school football team’s most beloved teammates.

Ellis wasn’t just hit by one vehicle, but two. He was riding his bike in
Williamsbridge when he began to cross an intersection. The first vehicle to hit
him was a Nissan Maxima, the second was a Ford Explorer.

It was stated that the person driving the Ford Explorer stayed on the scene until
police arrived. However the people in the Nissan took off. The Nissan committed
a hit and run and police will continue to investigate the hit and run accident and track the
driver of the Nissan down.

Jamaica High School is deeply saddened by the death of Ellis, as are most people
who are associated with someone who died in a hit and run. Hit and runs are very
unfortunate and sometimes, they are never solved. This is why it is important
to hire a Bronx, New York accident attorney in an accident such as this one. They will
thoroughly investigate, gather witnesses, and review accident reports to build your