Two Nurses Injured after a Stolen Vehicle Causes an Accident in the Bronx

A thirty six year old man in a stolen Dodge Durango hit two nurses on their way to work, seriously injuring both of them.

The two nurses were driving through the Bronx when the Dodge Durango hit the Saturn Sudan that they were in. The driver of the Saturn suffered from various hip and arm injuries, while the passenger has life threatening head and leg injuries.

The women were stuck in the vehicle after the accident. Rescuers had to rely on the Jaws of Life to free them. They were then rushed to the hospital.

The man that was driving the stolen vehicle has a vast criminal history that includes assault charges and drug use. At the time of the accident, he was driving the stolen vehicle while being chased by the police.

Being hit by a speeding motor vehicle can cause for serious injuries and even death. The force of the impact is too strong for nearly any vehicle to uphold. Being seriously injured in an accident such as this one, should make it easy for you to get compensation for your losses. Call a Bronx accident attorney if you would like to pursue compensation for medical, property, or even funeral expenses.