Upper East-side Taxi Accident Leaves Woman in Critical Condition

08-01-2012-Elizabeth-Brody-Taxi-Cab-AccidentTwenty eight year old Elizabeth Brody was on her way home when she was struck by a SUV taxi on the sidewalk. The tragic auto accidenthappened last week and Brody still remains in critical condition.

Brody was struck by the taxi after it was hit by another cab. The SUV taxi was struck by a Crown Victoria cab when it lost control and spun out onto the sidewalk where Brody was walking. Brody then went head first into a light pole.

Brody’s injuries consist of severe head trauma.  She had a fractured skull and internal bleeding around the brain. She had to undergo head surgery the day after the accident occurred.

Witnesses of the accident claimed that the Crown Victoria was speeding and as a result, it hit the SUV taxi sending Brody at least 5ft into the air and head first into the light pole.

Accidents such as this one, where the impact of the accident is forceful enough, can cause head trauma easily, even to a person within the vehicles. Head trauma can alter a person’s life forever and will bring about many medical expenses as well.

If you or a loved one has suffered from head trauma as the result of an accident, call aBronx accident attorney for legal help. You may be entitled to compensation for your unforeseen medical expenses due to head trauma.