Woman Burned By Doctor

NY Daily News reports that an OB/GYN faces a medical malpractice suit after he gave a woman third degree burns during a liposuction procedure. The 26-year-old mother paid Dr. Muruga Raj $8,000 for the procedure in order to lose the weight that she gained during her pregnancy.



The laser-liposuction procedure is often chosen over traditional liposuction because it is advertised as non-invasive and low risk. It also offers a much lower healing time; however, as the young mother found out, the safety of the procedure is still based on the competency of the doctor who uses the machine. In order to purchase the laser-lipo machine, Dr. Raj only needed to complete a short, one-time training course.

Court papers from the personal injury suit show that Dr. Raj interrupted the procedure to pay for a Chinese food delivery order. That is where his negligence began, but not where it ended.

Instances Of Medical Malpractice Are More Common Than You Might Think

Doctors are not immune to accidents, but there is a big difference between an accident and negligence. An equipment malfunction that is completely outside of a doctor’s control and has never occurred before could be an accident. Interrupting a procedure that requires a doctor’s attention and supervision to pay for Chinese food is negligence.

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After The Burns Were Discovered, Dr. Raj Tried To Cover Up His Mistake

The day after the procedure, his patient came back into the clinic complaining of unbearable pain. He told her that it was normal and that the wounds were not actually burns. He gave her some cream to apply and sent her home.

Not surprisingly, the woman passed out from the pain within the next few days and was taken to the emergency room. At Dr. Raj’s insistence, she left the emergency room and went in for another checkup instead.

He gave her a new kind of ointment and sent her home again. After seeking a second opinion, the woman was told that she was suffering from third degree burns. Dr. Raj is now facing a personal injury lawsuit and will likely be stripped of his medical license.

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